How to clean a custom leather jacket?

Dip a soft cloth into the solution, wring it out and wipe the jacket.Use a second clean, damp cloth to wipe off the cleaning solution.Dry the jacket with a towel.

What's the difference between suede and leather?

Clothes and accessories are often made with the two distinguishable fabrics of suede and leather. There are several differences and similarities between the two to consider to be fashionably knowledgeable before the next shopping trip.Suede Fabric Suede fabric is usually soft and textured with a freshly brushed look. Rub it in one direction, and it might be lighter in tone that rubbing it in the other direction. It comes from the underside of calfskin or other animals, so is considered to be a type of leather. The skin is sanded to reach an ultrasoft texture. It’s often dyed in soft pastel colors but can also be radiant in bold blacks, golds and reds. It doesn’t hold up in extremely wet conditions, so should be waterproofed before exposing it to lots of water. Suede is an excellent material to use in gloves and ear muffs because of its softness but needs some protectant against harsh conditions. It’s a durable fabric that doesn’t have a lot of give to it, so suited to suede jackets or upholstery. The appearance has a plush look to it. Suede brushes can keep the fabric looking good for many years and work well for cleaning. As a general rule, suede shouldn’t be washed in the washing machine. Have it professionally cleaned or try to spot clean with a small dab of vinegar and water. Test the fabric in an inconspicuous area first. Be sure not to use commercial spot removers.Leather Fabric Leather comes from an animal’s outer skin layer that is treated by tanning a tanning process after removing any hair. The tanning is done with tannin that is a chemical derived from fir or oak trees. This process makes the leather pliant and long-lasting. It can be dyed or stained for color variation. Leather holds up very well but can stretch out in time. It’s often used in shoes, belts, pocketbooks, jackets and boots. It also holds up well as a long-lasting furniture or car seat upholstery. Spot clean with a mix of vinegar and olive oil or a damp rag or try commercial leather cleaners. Always test the fabric on an underside 

What is the cost of the sample shipping?

Our samples are mainly delivered by DHL or Fedex, the price varies according to the DHL or Fedex region and there are additional fuel charges.For more information,please contact us!

What Is The Production Capacity Of The Factory ?

Our company is located in Dalin City, China. It is a professional grament manufacturer. Relying on Humen's clothing manufacturing resources, it has sufficient raw materials for leather jacket production. And our company has about 100-200 employees, of which two-thirds of the garment manufacturing workers can produce 30,000-50,000 leather jacket per day, which shows that our production capacity is very strong. Our various automated machines cooperate to produce.

What Customized Services Can You Provide?

 We can provide custom leather jacket, private brand logos, styles, colors, sizes, private labels, pattern design and customized packaging etc..Better sultion effect your order easier and faster.

Required information for placing an order?

Before you place an order, there are some details about the order that you need to know1.100 pieces order requirements.100 pieces of one style, at least 2 styles from, each section within 4 sizes, each style printing size can only have 1 size.A: new customers: the delivery period is 40 days (Delivery time for one outgoing process only.If there are multiple, additional time is required)B: old customers: the delivery period is 50 days (Delivery time for one outgoing process only.If there are multiple, additional time is required)2. About 200 pieces from the order requirements.200 pieces / styles/ 2 colors, each style within 6 sizes, each style printing size can only have 2 sizes.A: delivery: the delivery period is 35 days (Delivery time for one outgoing process only. If there are multiple, additional time is required)For more information,please contact us!

Can I get a refund for the sample fee of custom leather jacke?

If the quantity of orders more than 300 pieces that sample fee will be refunded. For more information,please contact us!

What's the shipping time of samples and mass production?

For international shipping, it depends on the product quantity and delivery address, due to the damn virus, the delivery time is longer than before.To EU and North America, cheapest express way around 15 days, and the fastest way by FeDex/UPS around 7 days, of course the shipping fee will be high.For more shipping time and fee info, please send us a receiver address, we'll reply asap when we saw your message.